Testnet  [DigitalBits Core]

Review the admin guide for more detailed information.

Starting a test network with 1 node

Make sure you have copied the example config to your current working directory. From the TLD of the repo, run cp docs/digitalbits-core_standalone.cfg ./bin/digitalbits-core.cfg

Adding multiple nodes

For each node on your new network:

  • generate a keypair and set NODE_SEED
  • set the QUORUM_SET and KNOWN_PEERS to refer to one another
  • decide on a history archive and add a HISTORY config entry for it
  • Set the DATABASE config variables on each node to your choice of database

Optionally: Create databases for each to use " e.g., by using PostgreSQL’s createdb command.


  1. $ digitalbits-core new-hist <historyarchive>
  • to initialize every history archive you are putting to (be sure to not push to the same archive from different nodes).
  1. $ digitalbits-core new-db
  • to initialize the database on each node.
  1. $ digitalbits-core run
  • on each node to start it.

Bringing a test network back up

If you need to restart the network after bringing it down.

Stop all nodes, and do the following on nodes that all have the same last ledger (NB: this set must form a quorum in order to reach consensus):

$ digitalbits-core run

This will start from the last saved state of each server. After these servers sync you can start the other nodes in the cluster and they will catch up to the network. To allow the new nodes to listen for consensus and trigger catchup, use --wait-for-consensus option:

$ digitalbits-core run --wait-for-consensus

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