Trade Aggregations  [Go SDK]

Trade Aggregations are catered specifically for developers of trading clients. They facilitate efficient gathering of historical trade data. This is done by dividing a given time range into segments and aggregating statistics, for a given asset pair (base, counter) over each of these segments.

The duration of the segments is specified with the resolution parameter. The start and end of the time range are given by startTime and endTime respectively, which are both rounded to the nearest multiple of resolution since epoch.

The individual segments are also aligned with multiples of resolution since epoch. If you want to change this alignment, the segments can be offset by specifying the offset parameter.


GET /trade_aggregations?base_asset_type={base_asset_type}&base_asset_code={base_asset_code}&base_asset_issuer={base_asset_issuer}&counter_asset_type={counter_asset_type}&counter_asset_code={counter_asset_code}&counter_asset_issuer={counter_asset_issuer}


name notes description example
start_time long lower time boundary represented as millis since epoch 1512689100000
end_time long upper time boundary represented as millis since epoch 1512775500000
resolution long segment duration as millis. Supported values are 1 minute (60000), 5 minutes (300000), 15 minutes (900000), 1 hour (3600000), 1 day (86400000) and 1 week (604800000). 300000
offset long segments can be offset using this parameter. Expressed in milliseconds. Can only be used if the resolution is greater than 1 hour. Value must be in whole hours, less than the provided resolution, and less than 24 hours. 3600000 (1 hour)
base_asset_type string Type of base asset native
base_asset_code string Code of base asset, not required if type is native EUR
base_asset_issuer string Issuer of base asset, not required if type is native GDCIQQY2UKVNLLWGIX74DMTEAFCMQKAKYUWPBO7PLTHIHRKSFZN7V2FC
counter_asset_type string Type of counter asset credit_alphanum4
counter_asset_code string Code of counter asset, not required if type is native USD
counter_asset_issuer string Issuer of counter asset, not required if type is native GB4RZUSF3HZGCAKB3VBM2S7QOHHC5KTV3LLZXGBYR5ZO4B26CKHFZTSZ
?order optional, string, default asc The order, in terms of timeline, in which to return rows, “asc” or “desc”. asc
?limit optional, number, default: 10 Maximum number of records to return. 200

curl Example Request


JavaScript Example Request

var DigitalBitsSdk = require('xdb-digitalbits-sdk');
var server = new DigitalBitsSdk.Server('');

var base = new DigitalBitsSdk.Asset.native();
var counter = new DigitalBitsSdk.Asset("USD", "GB4RZUSF3HZGCAKB3VBM2S7QOHHC5KTV3LLZXGBYR5ZO4B26CKHFZTSZ");
var startTime = 1623920055000;
var endTime = 1623937426000;
var resolution = 60000;
var offset = 0;

server.tradeAggregation(base, counter, startTime, endTime, resolution, offset)
  .then(function (tradeAggregation) {
  .catch(function (err) {


A list of collected trade aggregations.


  • Segments that fit into the time range but have 0 trades in them, will not be included.
  • Partial segments, in the beginning and end of the time range, will not be included. Thus if your start time is noon Wednesday, your end time is noon Thursday, and your resolution is one day, you will not receive back any data. Instead, you would want to either start at midnight Wednesday and midnight Thursday, or shorten the resolution interval to better cover your time frame.

Example Response

  "records": [
      "timestamp": "1623930840000",
      "trade_count": "1",
      "base_volume": "1.0000000",
      "counter_volume": "1.0000000",
      "avg": "1.0000000",
      "high": "1.0000000",
      "high_r": {
        "N": 1,
        "D": 1
      "low": "1.0000000",
      "low_r": {
        "N": 1,
        "D": 1
      "open": "1.0000000",
      "open_r": {
        "N": 1,
        "D": 1
      "close": "1.0000000",
      "close_r": {
        "N": 1,
        "D": 1

Possible Errors

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