Post Transaction

Posts a new transaction to the DigitalBits Network. Note that creating a valid transaction and signing it properly is the responsibility of your client library.

Transaction submission and the subsequent validation and inclusion into the DigitalBits Network’s ledger is a complicated and asynchronous process. To reduce the complexity, frontier manages these asynchronous processes for the client and will wait to hear results from the DigitalBits Network before returning an HTTP response to a client.

Transaction submission to frontier aims to be idempotent: a client can submit a given transaction to frontier more than once and frontier will behave the same each time. If the transaction has already been successfully applied to the ledger, frontier will simply return the saved result and not attempt to submit the transaction again. Only in cases where a transaction’s status is unknown (and thus will have a chance of being included into a ledger) will a resubmission to the network occur.

Information about building transactions in JavaScript.


POST /transactions


name loc notes example description
tx body required AAAAAOf4yDBA== Base64 representation of transaction envelope XDR

curl Example Request

curl -X POST \


A successful response (i.e. any response with a successful HTTP response code) indicates that the transaction was successful and has been included into the ledger.

If the transaction failed or errored, then an error response will be returned. Please see the errors section below.


Name Type
hash string A hex-encoded hash of the submitted transaction.
ledger number The ledger number that the submitted transaction was included in.
envelope_xdr string A base64 encoded TransactionEnvelope XDR object.
result_xdr string A base64 encoded TransactionResult XDR object.
result_meta_xdr string A base64 encoded TransactionMeta XDR object.

Example Response

  "hash": "c492d87c4642815dfb3c7dcce01af4effd162b031064098a0d786b6e0a00fd74",
  "ledger": 2,

Possible Errors


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