Overview  [Go SDK]

The Go SDK contains packages for interacting with most aspects of the DigitalBits ecosystem. In addition to generally useful, low-level packages such as keypair (used for creating DigitalBits-compliant public/secret key pairs), the Go SDK also contains code for the server applications and client tools written in go.

Godoc reference

The most accurate and up-to-date reference information on the Go SDK is found within godoc. The godoc.org service automatically updates the documentation for the Go SDK everytime github is updated. The godoc for all of our packages can be found at (https://godoc.org/github.com/digitalbitsorg/go).

Client Packages

The Go SDK contains packages for interacting with the various DigitalBits services:

  • frontier provides client access to a frontier server, allowing you to load account information, stream payments, post transactions and more.
  • digitalbitstoml provides the ability to resolve DigitalBits.toml files from the internet. You can read about DigitalBits.toml concepts here.
  • federation makes it easy to resolve a DigitalBits addresses (e.g. tom*digitalbits.io) into a DigitalBits account ID suitable for use within a transaction.


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