Next Steps

Congratulations! If you’ve made it to this point, you should now have a working bridge server, federation server, and compliance server, with the ability to make and receive secure, sanctioned payments on the DigitalBits network.


Sending and receiving require your servers to interact with someone else’s. This can make it difficult to test. For this reason DigitalBits has built a handy testing harness were you can test sending and receiving against our test anchor. It can simulate various failure scenarios so you can be sure all corner cases are handled. Check out the testing tool here

Moving to Production

As you prepare to move your services into production and support transactions on the public DigitalBits network, you should make sure to carefully check a few things:

  • Update the Frontier URL and network passphrase in your bridge server and compliance server configuration files. The bridge server will need a frontier server on the public network (instead of the test network) to send transactions. Both the bridge and compliance servers also have a network_passphrase in their configuration. The public network uses a separate passphrase:

    network_passphrase = "Live DigitalBits Network ; March 2018"
  • Ensure that your bridge server and the internal port of your compliance server are not publicly accessible. Both of these servers allow for privileged operations that could be very costly if someone can reach them when they should not have access.

What Next?

While you’ve now learned to handle the core operations of an anchor, there are many more things anchors might want to learn about or should consider:

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